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The town of Ivybrook is the state capital of the northern most province. It is nestled at the southern base of the Tangra mountain range. There is a coniferous forest that starts to the north of town that extends up to the middle of the slopes. To the east lies the Fens, an expanse of swampy ground that extends to the coast. To the west is the Veldt, A grassy savanah that runs for hundreds of miles before giving way to the Great Occidental Desert. The land to the south of Ivybrook has been extensively cultivated and is hevilty settled. The Kingsroad extends from the south, runs through town, then ascends into the Tangra and through Deerwin’s Gap.


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Locations in town

*Town Hall
*Farmers Market
*Trade House
*Lizard Folk Embassy
*Inns and Taverns
*Freak Show
*Black Market
*Noble Estates
*Sheriffs Office
*Ruined Cathedral
*Lumber Yards

Notable characters

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